“Are there spoilers?”

So – if you were not already aware of how I feel about “spoilers,” here it is – I am someone who watches the same movies over and over again.  Knowing what happens in them doesn’t spoil it for me.  If being surprised by how the plot unfolds is all that is worthwhile about a movie, then it is likely not worth watching the first time.  If I take the time to blog about a movie, it is probably worth watching.  Since no one is paying me to review movies.  (Yet.)  So make your own choice.  If you can’t stand to know what happens in the movie, stop reading, rent the movie, and come back to reading the blog entry later.  But seriously, I hope that the readers of this blog (unlike complainers I have seen in other venues) are aware that MOVIE REVIEWS TYPICALLY INCLUDE DETAILS ABOUT THE MOVIE!!  Maybe it is the Gen X-er in me that wants to say “enough hand holding – take a little responsibility, people!”  But I’m probably not talking to you – it’s those other guys.