Lent 2015 Photo-A-Day

All of the photos on this page are licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial 3.0 license.  You may use these photos for non-commercial purposes, citing my name (“Original Photo by Sarah McGiverin”) and the photo’s URL.

2013 was the first year that Rethink Church coordinated a “Lenten photo-a-day challenge” – a discipline of directing our gaze reflectively, corporately. The project took off, and in 2014, they added an Advent photo-a-day challenge.

In 2013, I did not come close to finishing the project (see my post about the challenges of photo-a-day) I am giving it another try this year.

I missed the first day, which is keeping my expectations low. But maybe I’ll enjoy myself more and get more out of it if I am not anxious about perfection. If you want to try it too, here are the 2015 themes.


20 February:  Alone

The empty chair

The empty chair


19 February:  Look


The Psalmist – a smudged lens


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