For the past month or so, everything else in my life has been on hold while I caught up on a writing assignment. A year ago, I was contracted to write the Summer 2015 student quarterly for the UMC’s Adult Bible Study series. Thirteen lessons in twelve months – piece of cake, right? But with procrastination, health issues, and finally with a spate of cold weather school closings, I ended up with ten lessons to write in three months… and then eight lessons to write in two months. Oops!

So it is not just with pleasure, but with tremendous relief that I can announce that I just turned in the thirteenth lesson! Six days ahead of my deadline! Hooray!

My first big writing assignment is complete! 29,000 words, give or take. And with it comes the assurance, “I can do this. Writing. Even when it is hard work, I can do it.”

At the same time, something I wrote a couple of months ago has come online at The Fellowship for United Methodist in the Worship Arts. I was informed by a friend that it had been published, so I popped over to have a look, and saw that what I wrote is on their front page as the “Featured Idea” for the month of April. Hey! Not bad!

Tomorrow I will take time to celebrate that I really am a writer – and then I will start preparing for a more personal milestone – my family’s first visit to my brother and his family in their new home! It will be nice to take a proper vacation.

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