Live Stitches

Unfinished at the Edge

Unfinished at the Edge

Rethink Church‘s suggested theme for today’s photo is “live.” I imagine they mean the verb, with the short “i” – but looking at my knitting today, I started thinking about the heteronym – the adjective with the long “i.”

In knitting, stitches that are ready to be knit into are called “live” stitches. Whether in knitting instructions or when talking to other knitters, a stitch’s status as “live” is most often considered worth mentioning when it is off the needle. However, until the piece is finished – “cast off” – some stitches will be live.

Living involves risk. Sometimes we make visible mistakes, and we have to decide whether to move on or to unravel – sometimes we try to unravel, to undo what was done, and we end up in a worse mess than we were in before.

It is possible to take the knitting metaphor too far – there are a lot of differences between a human life and a scarf! But one thing that I have been considering that I hold most in common with knitting: at my leading edge, I can become unraveled all too easily if I am not wrapped around something stable. Just as live stitches need a needle, I need something stronger, firmer than myself in order to live securely. Thank God for God, in whom I live and move and have my being.

I have collected all of my Lenten photos so far on one page.  Take a look!

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