Sundays in Lent

Traditionally, certain Lenten disciplines are relaxed on Sundays: one may not fast on the weekly feast of the Resurrection, even during Lent.  But this Lent, I am not fasting; instead I have taken on the contemplative artistic practice suggested by Rethink Church: I am taking a photo each day, as suggested by their (usually) one word daily prompts. When I noticed that they did in fact have prompts for Sundays in Lent, I considered what to do…

I have decided not to take photos on Sundays, because I take Sunday as Sabbath time with my family. However, having been a pastor, and so having been formed in the discipline of preparing ahead of the days and seasons, I will be taking my Sunday image during the week preceding.

The word for today is “settle.” I took this photo yesterday, remembering how, for a desert people, one would only settle near an existing well, or where one could dig a well.

Beside the well

Beside the well


I have collected all my photos so far this Lent on one page – I will be adding to this page throughout Lent.

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