Not my best photo

Last Tuesday, I wrote about my first work of mixed media painting.  I finished it on Thursday, and delivered it to my friend on Friday.  And here it is:

Flourish as a flower of the field


I should have cropped that better.  What looks like an off center tan mat is actually the wall in my house that I hung the picture on in order to photograph it.

The green lines circling and criss-crossing in the center constitute the logogram for the Mayan world tz’ak – which is mostly a mathematical symbol, having to do with wholeness, completeness, or adding to make a whole count.  My friend is a linguist, and she especially loves indigenous languages of Latin America – and I happened to have come across an old National Geographic article about Mayan glyphs as I was getting started on the painting for her.

This photo leaves a lot to be desired – I used several coats of glossy Mod Podge (rather than matte) on purpose – so that it is easier to view from some angles than from others – and the result is that it is not too easy to photograph!  The sparkle Mod Podge that my daughter added at the end to highlight certain areas does not help matters!  So there are bits that are in there that are invisible.

I am already planning my next piece.

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