… make lemonade!

In the last post, I described a children’s sermon in which I made lemonade for the congregation.  But I didn’t include the recipe!  That’s because I never did write down the proportions that I used.  So instead, I am going to include the recipe that I developed together with my daughter a couple of weeks ago when we were getting ready for her first lemonade stand.

Unlike the lemonade in the children’s story, this lemonade is made with still (instead of sparkling) water – because my daughter can’t stand soda water.  And the lemonade I made at the church I was serving was traditional yellow lemonade, but my daughter’s favorite is pink lemonade, so we made hers pink.  So here it is:

Squeeze 10 lemons. Add bottled lemon juice to equal 2 cups. [It turns out that you only need for about 1/2 of the juice to come from lemons in order to get the fresh squeezed taste. And my little one did not have the patience to squeeze 20 lemons!]

Mix in 2 cups of simple syrup. [I make simple syrup by filling a Ball jar about 3/4 or so full of granulated sugar, and then pouring boiling water over it – until the jar is about 90% full. Let the sugar dissolve in the water.]

Add 4 cups of water, and stir.

At this point, you have lemonade. To make it pink lemonade, add 1/4 c. of pure tart cherry juice.

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