Best laid plans

The lemonade post is forthcoming – as is the post on guidelines for children’s sermons. This week has been more emotionally difficult than anticipated for me and mine, and it has seemed best to spend my time simply being in the presence of other people. You know – in the flesh, as opposed to in cyberspace.

This has been a continual theme of mine – the need we humans have for physical / full sensory contact. God coming in the flesh is not odd but inevitable when viewed from this perspective:  in order to understand / to really believe that God loves us (each one of us!) fully and particularly, it was necessary for us to see that work itself out in a person we could feel / see / hear / smell – and now, through the Eucharist, a person we can taste.

In the church’s calendar, this is the Sunday when we celebrate Christ’s ascension – the day his physical human presence was removed from us. No wonder his followers were all holed up in one room together on Pentecost – before the extraordinary gift of the Spirit, and after the Ascension, they must have felt bereft of the loving presence they had come to rely on. They found their solace in the physical presence of as many people as they could gather around who had had the same experiences, who had been loved by the same Jesus.

We are physical beings. We need to step away from our computers from time to time and into the arms of friends and family and to reach out to those we do not know – people who could, with enough time and nearness, become close kin.

So, as “Dr. Scott the paleontologist” encourages on the PBS show Dinosaur Train: “Go outside, get into nature [or – embrace your human nature], and make your own discoveries!”

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