I have been slowly moving through the television series Angel.  Very slowly – I am a little more than halfway through season two, and I started watching two years ago!  I had gotten so that I was ready to give up on it altogether (the last few episodes had me wanting to throw Wesley and Cordelia under the proverbial bus), but today I gave it another shot.  Season 2, episode 16: Epiphany – in which Angel stops being quite so tortured by thinking big, and starts thinking small.

Which led me to recall a conclusion that I made near the end of  a post that I wrote earlier this year about Sudanese Christianity:

No person is more critical than another.  Or rather, the critical person is the person or people that God has given to me (today, now) in order that we might, through our time together,  draw one another closer to God.

Guess I am going to keep watching Angel after all.

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