Liberte, egalite, sororite

There are some things about law enforcement in the United States that I continue to pray might change: the extent to which our officers are armed, the continued racial bias in traffic stops, the overuse of violent force in drug busts… But in their response to the allegations against (now former) IMF chief Dominique Strauss-Kahn, the New York Police Department has shown us what police are for, and given me hope that the principles our nation claims to be built on are still alive in some quarters. There is no person whose power and connections places him above the law. A rich man does not have a right to treat a woman – any woman – however he pleases. Some well-connected men in France may now be whining about “American puritanical attitudes towards sex,” but that is an attempt to dodge the question: whether in fact there is still a de facto aristocracy in France, who can abuse the “peasantry” with impunity. A previously sheltered class of French men have reason to be nervous: it appears that there is a new revolution afoot in France, one that is once again energized by events across the Atlantic.

With many thanks to BBC World News (available in the mornings on my local public radio station, WUNC), for drawing my attention to these recent developments in France.

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