I have been seeing these initials in the Facebook status posts of friends of mine from Duke Divinity School. Loving, wonderful people, who nonetheless, are consigning to “H” a handful of young men based on where they chose to attend school, not to mention their coaches, and likely their fans as well.

I have been a Duke basketball fan since early high school – my Dad went to Duke, and in 9th grade we got cable, and I was able to see the team play basketball on a regular basis. So I understand getting involved in one team, watching the players improve as individuals and as a team, mourning when the great players move on. But I don’t understand having strong feelings against another team. Why can’t we just “root for the home team” without othering another team to the point of damnation? So I am puzzled by this knee-jerk behavior from enlightened folks who would raise a righteous ruckus over any such rejection of others on the basis of just about any other characteristic than their favorite sports team.

But I am equally confounded that my friends apparently think that using initials absolves them in some way from the sentiment. Go ahead and type out “Go to Hell, Carolina!” if that is what you mean. Squeamishness at actually saying the word “Hell” is straining at a gnat and swallowing a camel.

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