My wishlist

So, inspired by Sally’s suggestion, I am rethinking my holiday wishlist.  Here is what I really want for Christmas:

1) That we all might realize the “true cost” of things, and consider when making our decisions who made the product, and how — whether they were paid fairly, whether their working conditions were healthy, whether their community suffered environmental damage, what was polluted in the making of the product, what was destroyed, were communities built up? were families destroyed?  For Christmas, I want to consider the costs before pulling out my wallet.

2) That I might spend less time thinking of the perfect object to demonstrate how I feel about another person, and more time thinking of the perfect WAY to demonstrate my caring.

3) That I might be freed from anxiety over people who are “just too difficult to shop for.”

4) That meaningful healthcare reform might come before one more person has to lose their home over suddenly unmanageable medical expenses.

5) That I might not once so much as sigh in exasperation at an underpaid and too often abused retail worker.

6) Is it too much to hope that no one might kill another person? How about if I narrowed it down to no more killing other people ON PURPOSE?

7) And the pews absolutely filled to bursting the Sunday after Christmas.  That would be pretty cool!

Like any of my previous wishlists, this list is not nearly complete!  Feel free to give me something worth hoping for that I am not expecting – I love surprises!



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